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In the Biodynamic process for the management of orchards and gardens, the
Biodynamic tree paste is prepared by mixing cow dung, S9 and clay in equal parts.
BD500 & BD501 may be added in the mix after stirring.

The ready tree paste is then applied on
the tree trunks and cut surfaces. The paste nourishes and strengthens the tree. It
protects its bark and cambium from diseases. Application of the paste after pruning stimulates tree growth. In comparison to expensive ‘Bordo paste’, application of BD
tree paste on tree trunk and cut surfaces has shown considerably better results for rejuvenation of Mango, Orange, Guava,
Apple and other fruit orchard trees.

Biodynamic tree paste controls gummosis in Mango, Sweet Lemon, Orange, Pomegranate and other Horticulture crops. It has shown promising response in controlling fungus growth on Mango bark, which is responsible for ‘Dieback’ in Mango. It also effectively controls ‘Phytopthora’ in citrus fruits like Sweet Lemon, Orange, etc.


ӧ Mix 30gms of BD500 with water and stir the mix for one hour.

ӧ 1gm of BD501 is separately stirred with 13lts of water for half an hour.

ӧ The ready mixtures are then poured onto an equal mixture of clay & fresh cow dung (15kg of clay and 15kg of fresh Cow dung) and mixed thoroughly after adding another 14lts of water. S9, at the rate of 1 kg for 30kgs of tree paste mix, is also added.
ӧ The ready Paste is then applied/ plastered on nearly 50 tree trunks and pruned /
cut surfaces of plants with the help of a brush.

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