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Used as pest repellent and as a growth promoter, Biodynamic liquid manures can be produced by the farmers by active fermentation of suggested plant leafs, cow dung
and cow urine with the aid of biodynamic inputs like S9 and Urja for top dressing and foliar sprays at very low costs. Green tree leaves and tender stems of plants having high protein contents like Sunhemp, Sesbania, Subabool, etc. and other leguminous and weed leafs like Parthenium, Ipomea, Stinging nettle & others local weeds (prior to their flowering) can be used for this preparation.

Preparation and use

ӧ Week old Cow dung (5kgs) and 3-4 days old Cow Urine (5lts) is mixed with 1kg of

ӧ If Urja is used as a nettle mix, add one packet (200gms) of Urja with 150lts of water in a 200lts non-corrosive drum.
ӧ Sheep and goat droppings (5kgs), Chicken manure (5kgs), Fish meal / bone meal
(2.5kgs) can also be used to add nutrients accordingly.

ӧ The materials is mixed and allowed to ferment over a period of 7 to 15 days. It is to be stirred once every two days.

ӧ The liquid manure so created is diluted with water (1 part of liquid manure with
10 parts of water) for drenching. For foliar spraying 1 part of liquid manure is mixed with 20 parts of water.

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