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SUPA is the abbreviation of ‘Steiner’s Universal Philosophy for Agrica’ Dr Rudolf Steiner propounded the spiritual scientific approach as guidelines for a number of streams of subjects. This approach he called the anthroposopy which can be closely understood as ‘wisdow of the Human Being’.The system approach in agriculture called Biodynamic Agriculture. Biodynamic agriculture is based on the eight lectures given by Dr Steiner in 1924. Biodynamic Agriculture is the oldest organized organic agriculture system in world. In the early twenth century while Dr Rudolf Steiner was talking about the importance of concepts like holistic agriculture and looking at the farm as an organism the agriculture world was inundated with the new idea of nitrogenous fertilizers. It was the beginning of the industrial Agriculture. The twentieth century was marked by the tremendous growth in the science and technology and there was no place for hostilic thinkers in any stream.

In the late 1980’s the outcomes of industrial agriculture were clearly visible causing irreversible damage to the environment including soil, water, ecostystem and health affects in human being. The Organic Agriculture movements began from farmer,communities and evolved into full fledged industry in the twenty first century. While the consumers, members from the business of processing and market have see the organic agriculture as the future the farms which need to be steered into thriving organic production houses are still struggling with systems and deeper understanding of the art and science of organic production.
Meanwhile a number of agriculture systems and methodologies have become popular in the world. Albert Howard paved the way for empirical Organic agriculture around the same time as Steiner, Masanobu Fukowoka introduced the nature’s own way of farming. Similarly the principals of Biodynamic agriculture introduced many years ago became Relevent only after the organic movement became significant.

Biodynamic agriculture was introduced in india by Peter Proctor from New Zealand in 1993. The Founder of SUPA was on of the first students of Peter in India. In 1998 SUPA was formed as an organization dedicated to the promotion of BD agriculture. SUPA is the abbreviation of ‘Steiner’s Universal Philosophy Agrica’ SUPI is also the name of the village SUPA is housed.