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Supa Biotech (P) Ltd. is a leading producer of Biodynamic (BD) preparations in India. SUPA has introduced simple and effective methods of Biodynamic Agriculture amongst farmers across different agro climatic zones.

SUPA provides technical and knowledge based support to the farmers at their doorsteps for quantitative and qualitative production. A large number of BD farmers in Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh have benefitted from its BD interventions.

SUPA works continuously with State Agriculture Universities and technical institutions for crop trials and research work. The field and research results support SUPA in make the packages of practice for specific crops.

BD preparations by SUPA BioTech

SUPA produces all the Biodynamic preparations by strictly following the guidelines accepted worldwide.

BD500 – Shakti – Soil builder

BD500 or Shakti is the prime field preparation that introduces Calcium or Calcium producing forces into the soil.

BD501- Divya – Plant resistance and ...

BD501 or Divya is biodynamically treated quartz silica. Silica helps build the internal as well as the external structure of the plants.

BD 502-507 – Compost preparations

Biodynamic preparations 502-507 or BD502-507, are known as compost preparations

S9 – CPP – Multipurpose BD ...

S9 is name given to the extended inoculum commonly known as Cow Pat Pit (CPP).

Urja – Herbal Pest repellent ...

Urja is sun dried Urtica Diocia, or stinging nettle leafs, enriched with biodynamic preparation.

Biodynamic Techniques


In-situ composting

Farmyard waste/ghura (ukirda) composting with S-9 is the simplest way to convert farm waste into high quality compost. It is a common practice across India to dump milking animal shed waste and farm waste along Read more…


Biodynamic tree paste

In the Biodynamic process for the management of orchards and gardens, the Biodynamic tree paste is prepared by mixing cow dung, S9 and clay in equal parts. BD500 & BD501 may be added in the Read more…


Biodynamic liquid manure

Used as pest repellent and as a growth promoter, Biodynamic liquid manures can be produced by the farmers by active fermentation of suggested plant leafs, cow dung and cow urine with the aid of biodynamic Read more…


Pest repellents as Biopesticides

India is home to a number of plants that have medicinal/pest repellent properties. Some of these are Neem, Pongamia, Papaya, Hemp, Agave, Dhatura, Calotrpis, Castor, etc. Indigenous and traditional knowledge practices also advice the use Read more…

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