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Supa Biotech (P) Ltd.

Supa Biotech (P) Ltd. is a leading producer of Biodynamic (BD) preparations in India. SUPA has introduced simple and effective methods of Biodynamic Agriculture amongst farmers across different agro climatic zones.

SUPA provides technical and knowledge based support to the farmers at their doorsteps for quantitative and qualitative production. A large number of BD farmers in Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh have benefitted from its BD interventions.

SUPA works continuously with State Agriculture Universities and technical institutions for crop trials and research work. The field and research results support SUPA in make the packages of practice for specific crops.

About Biodynamic Agriculture

Dr. Rudolf Steiner was a recognized ‘initiate’ in Germany. He founded the philosophy of ‘Anthroposophy’ which has many streams. Biodynamics is the stream for Agriculture which started in 1924. Steiner propounded the concept of working with life energies to produce high quality food. The term Biodynamic is derived from the Greek words ‘Bios’ and ‘Dynamics’ which mean life and energies, respectively. To put it simply, Biodynamic means working with the energies that create and maintain life. A non- patented open knowledge framework, BD systems have been adopted worldwide in over 50 countries with maximum penetration in Europe.
The Biodynamic agriculture system revolves around the use of eight preparations (BD500 to BD507) made with herbs and animal parts under suitable planetary positions. Biodynamic agriculture also promotes the use of the planting calendar. SUPA prints over 50,000 calendars every year and educates the farmers on its usage.

Principles of Biodynamic Agriculture

Biodynamic farming system recognizes the farm as a living organism. In such a system, the vital organs of the farm are developed to attain a high degree of self-sufficiency. Biodynamic principles work towards restoring the soil health through incorporation of organic matter, generated by the system itself, in the form of humus that holds the fertility of the soil. BD method not only helps in fertilizing the soil but enables skillful application of the factors that contribute to soil life and health. The Biodynamic method places special emphasis on the importance of crop rotation, use of green manure and cover crops.
Pest and disease management is done by building vigor and intrinsic biological and genetic diversity of the soil, and the farm. Water is efficiently used in BD farms as the moisture retention in these farms is at its highest. Various other elements and the cosmic energies are incorporated into the system through use of the planting calendar.